Jewish Ethics

Not Being Arrogant with One's Learning - Middah Lo Maygis Libo B'Talmudo

Barbara Binder Kadden, RJE
The complete phrase lo maygis libo b'talmudo translates as "not being arrogant with one's learning." In Hebrew lo means "not" or "no." Maygis comes from the Hebrew root gimel-vav-samech meaning "to be bold." Libo means "one's heart." Together, maygis libo is an idiom that means "to be arrogant." Talmudo refers to one's learning.

Moderation in Business - Middah Miyut Sechorah

Marlene Myerson
Miyut Sechorah translates as "moderation in business" or "limited business activity." The word miyut comes from the Hebrew root mem-ayin-tet and means "little" or "limited." The word sechorah comes from the Hebrew root samech-chet reish and means "merchandise" or the "act of trading."

Loving Righteous Ways - Middah Ohev Et HaTzadakot

Barbara Binder Kadden, RJE
The phrase ohev et hatzadakot means "loving righteous ways." The word ohev from the Hebrew root aleph-hei-vet means "love." Tzadakot is the plural of tzedakah, from the Hebrew root tzadi-dalet-kuf and means "righteousness" or "justice."