Jewish Ethics

Fear - Middah Ayma

Barbara Binder Kadden, RJE
"My heart shudders within me, and the terrors of death have befallen me. Fear and trembling penetrate me, and I am overcome with horror." (Psalms 55:5-6) These words were spoken by King David. David's son, Absalom, posed an enormous threat against him, for Absalom had organized a revolt.

Contentment with One's Lot - Middah Samayach B'Chelko

Barbara Binder Kadden, RJE
The word samayach comes from the Hebrew root sin-mem-chet and means "happiness," "joy," or "contentment." The word chelko is based on the root chet-lamed-kuf and means "portion," "lot," or "piece." The phrase samayach b'chelko means "contentment with one's lot" or "contentment with one's portion."

Cleaving to Friends - Middah Dibuk Chaverim

Marlene Myerson
Dibuk Chaverim translates as "cleaving to friends." The word dibbuk comes from the Hebrew root dalet-bet-kuf meaning "to cling, be attached, glued." Chaverim translates as "friends" and comes from the Hebrew root chet-vet-reish meaning "to be joined" or "to unite."