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#BlogElul 2013: Who’s In?

August 2, 2013

Although we’re barely into the dog days of August, the High Holidays are fast approaching. The first of Elul, the Hebrew month that precedes Tishrei and the start of Rosh HaShanah, begins at sundown this Tuesday, which means that Wednesday, August 7th is the

Are Jews allowed to donate organs?

Rabbi Billy Dreskin
Jewish law does, in fact, permit organ donation! Whatever you have heard, whatever you thought you learned, set that all aside. Jewish law permits us to sign our donor cards and, when someone we love dies, to use their body to save other lives

Jews, Sports, and Superstitions

David Stanley
May 22, 2013

The Detroit Red Wings didn’t invent oddball sports superstitions, but they certainly have one of the oddest: the throwing of an octopus onto the ice during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In 1952, the National Hockey League had six teams, and taking the Cup

On Jewish Unity

Lindsey Cohen
May 2, 2013

I met him on my flight back to Boston from Atlanta. He was a Muslim student from Dubai, I was a Jewish student from the United States. We had come from very different places but were on our way to the same university.

As the flight took off, we started a