Judaism Under Quarantine

Technology and Our Covetous Inclinations

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Mary Zamore

During a recent Zoom meeting, a participant remarked that she dreaded video calls, lamenting, “Seeing everyone else’s beautiful homes makes me feel bad about mine.” During the pandemic, we have spent an unprecedented amount of time on screens, enjoying a strangely voyeuristic view of others’ personal spaces.

Prayer Litany for COVID-19

Rabbinic Pastor/Cantor Lisa L. Levine
Source of Blessing: Our lives are in turmoil our hearts heavy help us to cope with this modern plague we are worried for our families, we are concerned for our communities, our world is on the brink. Bless us with strength.

Gevurot (Mighty Deeds) in a Time of Pandemic

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
Source of All Life Daily Your Jewish Children Praise You and Your Mighty Deeds We call you: Matir Asurim The One who Releases the Imprisoned Someich Noflim The One Who Lifts up the Fallen Rofei Ha-Cholim The One Who Heals the Sick We trust You keep faith with those who