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Pride Shabbat Resources

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! Hosting a Pride Shabbat service or program is an excellent way to honor the movement for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion, to celebrate recent victories against discrimination, and to commit to the work ahead.

What Can We Learn from the Pfeffermans?

Wes Hopper

Most people have at least heard of Amazon’s groundbreaking television show, Transparent, which along with transgender actress Laverne Cox of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black and movies such as Tangerine, are pushing transgender stories from the margins into the mainstream. But to single out Transparent simply for highlighting a topic that’s still taboo in most of the television world is to overlook the other half of the show’s DNA – its significant reliance on Jewish themes and customs to weave its tale. It may seem an arbitrary combination, as the show is based in part on creator Jill Soloway’s own Jewish family and transgendered parent, but advocacy for LGBTQ rights has a long history among progressive Jews.

When My Daughter Laura Became My Son Lawrence

Rabbi Helen T. Cohn

Coming home from the temple where I served as rabbi, I spotted a bag from our local pharmacy on the kitchen counter. It was stapled shut, but the attached prescription for my 25-year-old daughter Laura announced its contents: testosterone.

My worst fears were

Gender Diversity in Jewish Tradition

Jordan Dashow
In today's world, when it is not uncommon for people to reject trans and non-binary gender identities, it is encouraging to know that the idea of multiple genders and sexes isn't new-it's an idea rooted in our rabbinic texts.