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mental health

When Holocaust survivors tried to tell their stories, most people – even therapists – would not listen to or believe them. The consequences have been multigenerational.

The start of the secular new year is commonly a time for making resolutions for individual betterment in the year to come. Why not incorporate some Judaism into your New Year's resolutions? 

To err is human, but ask yourself, next September: When I reflect on the year that has passed, how will I observe my effort to be more of the person I had hoped to be? Happy new year – again!

While praying to God for help and solace, it struck me that there may be a different way to think about Alzheimer's. When Miriam's mind seems distant, the "person" I used to know is not really gone, but just gone from me, at those moments.

One of the most common reasons for self destructive and self injuring behavior is to get relief from intense and unsettling emotions.

He was killing himself and he knew it, slowly, inexorably, intentionally, consuming vast quantities of alcohol and prescription drugs, indifferent to his failing health, to the pleas of his wife and children, colleagues and friends, siblings, aging parents, rabbi. 

The painful truth is that we cannot always help another person - and if we expect to be able to change someone else in order for us to feel better, we may be setting ourselves up for double failure. What we can do is help ourselves by understanding our own feelings of powerlessness and getting the support we need to manage our emotional response.

How do we begin to help a loved one who is an addict or otherwise engaging in destructive behavior?

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