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The music of our Jewish tradition and others can bring us comfort and, at the same time, strengthen our resolve to continue to support one another.

Whether you're hosting a holiday party or simply want to turn on some Jewish tunes as you light the candles with your family, our Spotify playlists will do the trick.

Whether you listen to these songs along or with others, may they lead you to thoughts of turning our hearts toward the rich opportunities the New Year brings, or perhaps a moment to reflect on the times we’ve “missed the mark” and not been our best selves.

Music is what makes Shabbat special for countless people the world over. After a good Shabbat meal, many people sing songs at their table. Others sing at synagogue. Lots of people do both

Learn about and listen to the songs and prayers for observance of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day). 

Do you remember the first time you were called upon to recite the four questions?

Insights into eight of the most beloved Hanukkah melodies.

I clearly remember the first time I attended a service in a synagogue.

She is regarded as a prophet of our times, and as the greatest Jewish singer-songwriter in history. However you describe her life and legacy, Debbie Friedman z''l (1951-2011) gave us classic and timeless music, filled with peaceful and universal messages, that will forever be sung.

Song is powerful as an expression of faith and spirit, adding an extra dimension to well-worded prose, whether in the Bible or other sacred texts, and even in our daily lives.


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