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Passover Family Activities

Matzah is easily Passover’s most recognizable food, but every year, it seems to be the subject of criticism by people who aren’t thrilled about the prospect of eating it for a whole week.

Passover is a holiday already filled with questions: Why is this night different from all other nights? Why do we dip, eat bitter herbs and recline? Why does matzah taste like that? When do we eat?

This is the message that should permeate our seders: connecting, conversing, and asking all kinds of questions. Here are a few ways to try this out at your own seder:

This Passover, brainstorm some other food combinations that might exemplify the bitterness and sweetness of freedom. 

For Passover's ideas to be accessible to even the youngest children, everyone tastes, touches, smells, hears, and sees symbols from the story, using a guide book called a Haggadah.

Whether you’re looking for Passover music to incorporate into your seder or songs to get you in the mood as you clean, cook, or prep for the holiday, check out these family-friendly playlists. The first one is great for listeners of all ages; the second one is especially geared for families with young children. Enjoy!

Try this family's unique way of engaging children in tikkun olam by helping the homeless.

This activity can be done in the days or weeks leading up to Passover or during your seder with a group of any size. It’s appropriate for families, kids who can write, chavruta (pairs of study partners) or even individuals pondering the upcoming holiday.

Miriam’s association with water has led to an innovation on the seder table, Miriam’s Cup. This cup, filled with water, is meant to remind seder participants of the important role that women played in the Exodus from Egypt. Enjoy making this beautiful cup with your children.

“Magical sparks” Gabi and Rafael return in this special Shaboom! episode for Passover. Together, they make a hide-and-seek game out of the process of removing chametz (bread and other leavened food) from their cloud. Meanwhile, down on Earth, Ben Plony is gathering chametz – including a forbidden donut! – for a food donation.


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