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Rosh HaShanah family activities

Whether you listen to these songs along or with others, may they lead you to thoughts of turning our hearts toward the rich opportunities the New Year brings, or perhaps a moment to reflect on the times we’ve “missed the mark” and not been our best selves.

What do brisket, bees, and babka all have in common? Watch this magical Shaboom! episode about Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year, to find out!

Learn how you and your family can pursue social justice during the Jewish high holidays.

Use this guide to explain to your young child the customs associated with the Jewish holiday of Rosh HaShanah

The High Holidays bring a special kind of panic upon Jewish families across the globe. Here's your guide to helping the holidays go more smoothly. 

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the Jewish High Holidays.

Dina and her family move to a new city right before Rosh HaShanah. The move brings about a set of problems. When the family goes to the local synagogue to celebrate Rosh HaShanah, Dina doesn’t recognize anyonet. However, the family then receives help from an unexpected source!

This fun, easy craft for kids ages 4-10 can be used as decorative Rosh HaShanah centerpiece.

This Rosh HaShanah, put individual honey jars on our dinner table. The kids are excited to decorate their own small honey jars, and this crafts offers something for every child, to do ages 2-10. Get creative with your honey!


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