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Shabbat blessings

At sundown on Friday, we light candles, drink grape juice and eat delicious challah. We may do these three things on other nights, but at this time, when Shabbat is about to start, we recite special words called a blessing for each of these actions. These blessings remind us to stop and take a moment to appreciate the special time that is Shabbat.

All the blessings you need to know for your family Passover rituals.

Use this guide to find all of the blessings you'll need to know for a Shabbat observance at home, from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.

I can still smell the Shabbatot of my childhood home. My mother's chicken roasting in the oven, the smoke from the match that ignited our Shabbat candles, the sweet raisin challah my father bought at Zaro's Bakery on his way home from work. Indeed, Shabbat at home is often sanctified through food, ritual, and familial togetherness. 

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