Shaboom! Video Activity Guides

Videos from BimBam

Founded by Sarah Lefton in 2008 (as G-dcast), BimBam was a nonprofit media studio located in Oakland, CA whose digital storytelling continues to spark connections to Judaism for learners of all ages. Though BimBam ceased operations in 2019, their over 400 original videos continue to live on and engage new generations, here on and on their YouTube channel, as well as their Shaboom! YouTube channel.

Shabbat Blessings for Families with Young Children

At sundown on Friday, we light candles, drink grape juice and eat delicious challah. We may do these three things on other nights, but at this time, when Shabbat is about to start, we recite special words called a blessing for each of these actions. These blessings remind us to stop and take a moment to appreciate the special time that is Shabbat.