Tikkun Olam

I Have a Dream, Too

Rabbi Erin Boxt

Just over 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial and gave one of the most remembered speeches of all time. In his address, Dr.

Tikkun Olam 24/7: What You Eat, What You Buy and How You Use Your Money

Rabbi Ariel Adery
Having lived within Jewish congregations all my life, I learned to have tzedakah very present in my mind. Now, as an educator and rabbi, I think and speak about tikkun olam a lot, and I am always looking for opportunities to do things leading to repairing our world. And yet, I find that this is still short of what Judaism truly demands of me and expects from us. Judaism expects from me a 24/7 commitment, making tikkun olam a concern in each of my daily acts.