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These English translations from The Torah: A Modern Commentary are provided courtesy of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. The full commentary is available in print or as an ebook

Poor Bear! It is a beautiful day outside but he is too sick to enjoy it. He is too uncomfortable even to sleep. Bear’s friends come to visit him and each one does something to try and make him feel better. The very best thing these friends do for each other is make sure no one suffers alone. Learn more about this excellent children's book and how it teaches Jewish values.

Our scroll – Blatna scroll #877 – originally belonged to the Jewish community of Blatna, which once might have included as many as 100 people. By the mid-1930s, thanks to migration – both across the Atlantic and to larger towns in the region – Blatna numbered only eight Jewish families. When the Nazis rounded up the town's Jews in November 1942, those families were sent to Terezin. We know the names of 26 of those who perished.

In this portion, Miriam is stricken with a skin disease and is sent out of the camp for seven days. This comes as a result of confronting her brother Moses over a family matter. What are the risks and rewards of confronting authority?

Rabbi Pesner tells us that it is in taking action to repair the world or to engage in tradition that we can hear God’s voice.

Rabbi Weinberg tells the story of the man with two heads whom Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik compared to the Jewish people, noting that when one part of the body feels pain, the entire body feels it. 

Our greatest sources of connection come from our encounters with others. How can we ensure that our encounters with family and friends have the potential to be revelatory moments?

As Rabbi Appell teaches, Parashat K’doshim reminds us that we are created in the divine image. In what ways do you find holiness in yourself and in those around you?

Rabbi Freelander speaks of the mitzvah of the Passover seder and explaining to our children that we observe Passover because of what God did for us.


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