Torah Study

Separate, Pure, and Holy

April 27, 2011
How many times do the Ten Commandments appear in the Chumash, the Pentateuch? The obvious answer is  two: Sh'mot 20:2 and  D'varim 5:6.  But when we take apart Vayikra 19, we find our Big Ten again, buried among 18 other positive and negative, ritual and

Rosh Chodesh Kislev

Rabbi Phyllis Sommer
November 9, 2010

Cold and dark
the month of Kislev
comes in

Ending Cheshvan
ushering in the month of

Kislev...from kesel
confidence that the light
will come
confidence that the dark
will not take over

Kislev...the month of dreams
most of

Holy Connections, One Meal at a Time

Rabbi Zachary R. Shapiro
April 2, 2010

The first time I flew on El Al airlines, I was surprised about the option to order a kosher meal. "Aren't all meals on El Al kosher?" I asked my sister. "Yes," she answered. "But there's kosher, and then there's super-kosher."

I remember another time when a