Torah Study

7 Things to Know About Selichot

Jane E. Herman
S’lichot, penitential prayers said before the High Holidays, offer us opportunities for personal reflection and to seek forgiveness from those we wronged during the year.

An Al Cheit for this Moment in Time

Rabbi Susan Talve
August 10, 2020
I’m praying that these weeks of consolation before the High Holidays will give us the time to confront our sins and respond in ways that will help us to heal from our brokenness and find the courage and resolve to build a better year for all.

Rebuking with Love: How to Do it and Why it Matters

Rabbi Sandra Cohen
July 28, 2020

Rebuke, תוכחה, when done correctly, looks for an opening, a sympathetic moment or shared memory to draw upon. Before reproving the other, we first join them. Once we are allies, our words urging change might be heard.

How Did Our Biblical Characters Gain Legendary Status?

Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, Ph.D.
Moses and King Solomon are two of the most popular figures in the Hebrew Bible, but what do we really know about their lives, and how did they reach such legendary status? Let’s begin with Moses. According to the Bible, Moses led our ancestors out of Egyptian bondage and received...