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Standing at the southern overview of Jerusalem, I have said these words countless times, having had the privilege to join countless travelers to Israel on their journey of a lifetime. 

They come home glowing, having spent weeks trekking across hills, deserts, and farmland, spending the night under the stars, and tracing their Jewish heritage – all while making new friends a

Whether this is your first trip or your tenth trip these recommendations will make your next trip to Israel memorable and unique.

What—finally—got my 20-something kids interested in being Jewish.

Many visitors to Israel would like to bring their children to introduce them at a young age to the Jewish homeland.

Tourists can celebrate the miracle of Israel's founding by visiting sites dedicated to the events surrounding the creation of the Jewish State

Not surprisingly, Israel houses a number of historically and/or architecturally significant synagogues that are open to tourists looking to pray or just take in the holy sites

Israel has plenty to do outdoors, and it's no coincidence that nearly every Birthright group is taken hiking. The beautiful scenery and variety of terrain can make even the most "indoors" of us want to spend a day in the sun.

For such a young country, Israel has some of the best cultural institutions and traditions in the world. For those interested in theater, dance, history and more, we recommend checking out these world-class establishments

For such a small country, Israel has a lot to offer by way of cultural, artistic, culinary, historical, and of course, religious, institutions.


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