Israeli Inventions at Work

Rabbi Stephen Wise
A Camera You Can Swallow: Doctors in 60+ countries use the PillCam, a smooth capsule the size of a pill that patients can swallow, to determine best treatment protocols. Developed by Given Imaging, its miniature camera takes 50,000+ images inside the body over an eight-hour period.

Rio de Janerio: Culture & Community

In Rio, the biggest congregation is Reform, the 900-family Associação Religiosa Israelita (ARI). Founded by German Jews in 1942, it now attracts Jews of all kinds drawn to modernity, egalitarianism, and the balancing of spirituality and rationalism. The congregation is always bustling with religious, cultural, and social activities.

San Juan: Culture & Community

Harry A. and Barbara Tasch Ezratty are both past presidents of Temple Beth Shalom. Harry is also author of 500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean; Barbara is a food writer and book publisher.