From Hava Nagilla to Hip-Hop: The Soundtrack of Israel

Naomi Cohn-Zentner, a music instructor at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Jerusalem, was interviewed by the RJ editors on how Israeli music has captured the changing realities and dreams of the nation. Listen to the music clips by clicking on the tracks within the article (Track 1, Track...

So Human: Leonard Nimoy Visits Germany

Leonard Nimoy
I have avoided Germany for almost 15 years. My last visit was a business trip in 1985 when I was asked by my studio to help promote a Star Trek film, my first feature film as a director. The visit was modestly successful in terms of helping the film, but...

Alaska: The Ice Rabbi Cometh

Mark S. Glickman
So there we were, a rabbi and several dozen Inuit people, all struggling valiantly with an ancient Aramaic prayer. The people of Kotzebue were struggling because they didn't know the language and still wanted to get it right. I was struggling because it's difficult to say v'imru amen when your face is numb.