The Creative Congregation's Guide to Israel

Andrew Davids
A warm wind blew in from Egypt and across the sands of the Negev desert as the sun began to set. Unleavened bread and bitter herbs lay in front of each person reclining on mats and pillows on the tent floor. Ancient rites and rituals…and yet this group of Jews celebrating Passover in the Holy Land had not crossed the Red Sea but flew in from Los Angeles Airport. Rabbi Steve Leder of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles had brought his flock here to “create a seder they will never forget.”

The Restaurant Revolution in Israel

Daniel Rogov, z"l
Thirty years ago, no one would have predicted that one day Israel would produce a generation of talented, innovative, and remarkably crea­tive chefs. In those days, dining in Israel was restricted largely to ethnic restaurants, Middle Eastern street food, a few overly expensive French restaurants, and several pretentious hotel-based dining rooms.