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Tu BiShvat Family Activities

Sadie is determined to plant a tree for Tu BiShvat, the birthday of the trees. She imagines one that will eventually grow big enough to hold a swing and yield crunchy, sweet apples. Unfortunately, it is winter where she lives – but she keeps on trying. 

“Happy birthday to trees! Happy birthday to trees!” Yes, that’s Lila from Shaboom! singing and tree-hugging to kick off a short lesson about Tu BiShvat

How much do you know about the Jewish holiday of Tu BiSvhat? Take this quiz, if you are up to the challenge.

You may have heard of a Passover seder, but did you know that many people celebrate Tu BiShvat with seders also? Learn about how to host your own Tu BiShvat seder.

Enjoy reading this Tu BiShvat story with your children, then download the printable version for them to create their own story booklet. Use the spaces provided to let them make their own illustrations.

On Tu BiShvat, we celebrate the “New Year of the Trees.” This holiday, which falls on the 15th day (tu) of the Hebrew month of Shvat, is also known as the birthday of the trees. We say “Happy birthday” and “Happy new year” to the trees sprouting up after winter and to the flowers beginning to bud in eager anticipation of the spring

A litle apple tree is jealous of the big tall oak, until one day it discovers something surprising.  This Tu BiShvat story teaches that everyone has qualities that make them special in a unique way, and is a lesson about patience and the passing of time.

I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by things that spoon, nestle and stack... from measuring spoons to matrushka dolls, husk tomatoes and garden-fresh peas in a pod.

The Jewish New Year of the Trees, or Tu BiShvat, lends itself to many home observations and activities. Here are some ideas for crafts, planting, quiet activities, and more.


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