In Celebration of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur at Home

Micaela Hellman-Tincher
September 16, 2020
Like many, I'm mourning the chance to "go" to High Holiday services at my synagogue. But I've also had the joy of observing Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur at home, so I know this year will be wonderfully meaningful.

How to Get into the High Holidays State of Mind

Rabbi Julie Zupan
September 15, 2020
It's a challenge and necessity, especially during this pandemic, to set boundaries between work time and family or personal time, between home office and home. How do we do that, emotionally?

How to Find a High Holiday Community Wherever You Are

Jane E. Herman
Whether you’re traveling – for business or pleasure – during the High Holidays, studying at a college or university far from home, or otherwise not able to attend services where you usually do, ReformJudaism.org can help you find a High Holiday community – wherever you are.

Let Me Clarify: I’m Not a Rabbi!

Christo A. Chaney
July 9, 2019

I am not a rabbi, but some people think I am, in fact, a rabbi – specifically, the rabbi of the synagogue where I am a member, a volunteer lay leader, and a teacher.