Leading Prayer - Praying for Leaders

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
January 24, 2013

What an interesting idea! On the day immediately following the pomp and ceremony of the inauguration, what is the first thing that the President and Vice President do? Convene their staff? Hold a press conference?

The New Reform Machzor

Edwin C. Goldberg
As a member of the editorial team creating the new High Holy Day prayer book, I can report on behalf of all of us that we are not creating a book, per se, so much as a sacred component that is part of the solution to a problem (or set of problems).

Sh'ma Israel

Rabbi Dalia Marx, Ph.D.
One cannot overestimate the importance Sh'ma Yisrael has in Jewish heritage throughout the generations. In many cases, these were the only "Jewish words" that Jews, who lived in remote places and who heard them from their ancestors, knew.

New to Jewish Prayer? Nine Tips for Beginners

Rabbi Ruth Adar
Perhaps you’ve been to Shabbat services, and found them mystifying, or you've been invited to a bar mitzvah service and have no idea what to do. Here are some ways to get something out of the experience as a beginner.