Webinar: Torah Alive: Israel and Worship - Rendezvous with History

Jerusalem and Israel are a constant in our liturgy and ritual. When a child is born, at a wedding, even at burial, Jerusalem and Israel are present. In the Birkat Hamazon, for every meal and in the daily prayers for rain or dew, Israel is present. What part does Israel play in our daily lives dwelling outside the land?

Musical Settings: Sim Shalom

Cantor Yvon Shore
Sim Shalom , the closing morning supplication for peace in the Amidah, captures the imagination of Jewish composers and congregants alike. Reform Jewish ideals and worship praxis enable musical settings of Sim Shalom to burgeon.

Musical Settings: Shalom Rav

Jim Ball
The Shalom Rav prayer comes at the end of the evening Shabbat Amidah, and like its correspondent prayer in the morning service, Sim Shalom, is a benediction asking for peace.I’ve always found the prayer a fitting ending for the T’filah, as it raises us from the personal to the collective:

Musical Settings: Adon Olam

Cantor Sarah Sager
When I was a student at the Anshe Emet Day School in Chicago, Illinois, I had a Hebrew teacher who suggested that every night before we went to sleep, it would be meaningful to recite the last verse of Adon Olam.