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A Pillar of Salt: A Text Study

What was the essence of Lot's wife's transgression in Parashat Vayeira? Was it disobeying the instruction of the divine messengers? Was it simply looking back?

D'var Torah By: 
An Ethic of Observation
Davar Acher By: 
Betsy Torop

If you have ever been to the Dead Sea, you have surely been struck by the remarkable salt formations found in the region.

Some Biblical Perspectives on Persuasion, Innocence, and Faith

Parashat Vayeira is as rich in patriarchal stories as it is challenging in its sometimes contradictory detail, connection between incidents, and thematically difficult narratives.

D'var Torah By: 
Examining the Concept of Reward and Just Punishment
Davar Acher By: 
Brian Zimmerman

"If, then, you obey the commandments that I enjoin upon you this day, loving the Eternal your God and serving [God] with all your heart and soul, I will grant the rain for your land in season

Ethics versus Ritual

One of the great modern teachers of Judaism, Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, zichrono livrachah,urged Reform Jews to ritualize the ethical and ethicize the ritual.

D'var Torah By: 
Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
Davar Acher By: 
Deborah Niederman

Rabbi Moffic suggests that our human actions, as exemplified by Abraham and Sarah's modeling of "welcoming guests," hachnasat orchim, can "bring heaven down

Hospitality: Can We Do Better?

Biblical stories often form prototypical frameworks that define and shape later Jewish behaviors.

D'var Torah By: 
The Truth about Cats and Dogs
Davar Acher By: 
Leah R. Berkowitz

A congregant once told me, "Congregations are like cats or like dogs. A "cat" observes you from afar, trying to decide if you are worth knowing.

Why Abraham?

In this week's Torah portion, Parashat Lech L'cha, we begin to read the stories of our patriarchs and matriarchs.

D'var Torah By: 
Ethical Monotheism / Ethical Zionism
Davar Acher By: 
Yossi Afek

Zionismthe love of Eretz Yisrael and the desire to make it a Jewish homelanddid not begin in the nineteenth century, nor was it started by Pi

Abraham, the Rabbis, and Us

Why was Abram told to leave his home and family and go out into the wilderness?

D'var Torah By: 
Some Help Along the Way
Davar Acher By: 
Kathy Schwartz

In Parashat Lech L'cha, Abram accepts God's challenge to go forth from his home and family on a journey with an unclear end and destination.


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