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Jewish Guilt

As he prepares for death, Moses lays a major guilt trip on the people.

D'var Torah By: 
Believing We Are Good Enough To Do Better
Davar Acher By: 
Ariana Silverman

Moses is particularly upset that the Israelites will not only do something wrong, but they will repeat bad behavior.

The Medium and the Message

Last week, after getting a glimpse of the Promised Land, but finding out that he would not enter it, Moses began his farewell address. What does he choose for his parting words? A story . . .

D'var Torah By: 
Eikev : A Well-Heeled Channel to Discovery
Davar Acher By: 
Bruce E. Kahn

We all admire Discovery Channel, but watching it is a rather passive activity.

The Empty Ark

In our parashah this week, Moses instructs the Israelites that they must not interpret their inheritance of the Promised Land as a sign of divine acknowledgement of their spir

D'var Torah By: 
Was the Ark Really Empty?
Davar Acher By: 
Scott Shpeen

I stood in my grandmother's empty apartment. In the silence of that space a flood of memories filled my mind.


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