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High Priest

A Diet of Holiness

The second half of Sh'mini, as the Reform Movement has divided it (see

D'var Torah By: 
Finding Balance in Our Meals
Davar Acher By: 
Eric Schulmiller

In our day and age, what does it mean to be, as Rabbi Richard Levy so eloquently put it, "consecrated consumers of God's bounty"?

When the Offerer Becomes the Offering

While Pesach is now behind us, a fifth question arises as we look at the Torah portion for this week: Why is this week dif

D'var Torah By: 
When Tears Say More than Words
Davar Acher By: 
Marc L. Disick

For reasons we readers can neither fully understand nor justify, Aaron's sons received a fiery and immediate death sentence from God for bringing forward strange fire; clearly an egregious act suff

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