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Criticism: A Gift of Love and Hope

As I prepare this commentary, it is early January, and we are reading through the first few parashiyot from the Book of Exodus.

D'var Torah By: 
Hope Is the First Step
Davar Acher By: 
Jeremy Schneider

Rabbi Aron masterfully points out that Parashat D'varim highlights the hope that underlies Moses's words. Indeed, hope is the key to the Jewish people's narrative and continued existence.


"And I commanded you, at that time, about the various the things you should do" (Deuteronomy 1:18).

D'var Torah By: 
Letting Go of a Legacy
Davar Acher By: 
William L. Berkowitz

The "I" described in Deuteronomy 1:18 and throughout this parashah is Moses, who sounds like a nervous parent about to leave the kids with a new babysitter.


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