A Tu BiShvat Seder Guide for Kids

A Shaboom! Discussion and Activity Guide for 4-7 Year Olds and Their Parents


“Happy birthday to trees! Happy birthday to trees!” Yes, that’s Lila from Shaboom! singing and tree-hugging to kick off a short lesson about Tu BiShvat.  Regardless of how you spell it, this ecologically aware holiday inspires the Plony family to have a Tu BiShvat seder.  Like a Passover seder, it is what Papa Plony calls a “special learning meal.”  To symbolize the changing of the seasons and appreciate all that trees have to offer us as food, the Plony family tradition includes gradually mixing red grape juice into white grape juice and tasting fruits of all kinds. Delicious and inspiring! 

Related activities:

  1. Make your own Tu BiShvat seder! Use your imagination to combine some of the examples we give.
  2. Plant a tree! Don’t get discouraged if you live in an area where it’s still very cold and the ground is hard. You can plant parsley seeds that will sprout into dippable parsley "tiny trees" by Passover!
  3. Make some recycled paper and explore other ways to care for the environment with Shalom Sesame.
  4. Read "The Apple Tree’s Discovery" about a little tree that learns patience and is rewarded with a special surprise.
  5. Try these other family activities to celebrate Tu BiShvat!