EdVenture: Certificate in Adaptive Innovation from NYU

EdVenture is a new initiative for high school students designed for this unique moment in time. The online course was developed by Dr. Nir Tsuk, founder of NYU’s Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship, and is powered by a partnership between the URJ, NYU Bronfman Center and The iCenter. Students who successfully complete the program will earn a Certificate in Adaptive Innovation from the NYU Bronfman Center.

In these turbulent times, the study of entrepreneurship and innovation can be a stabilizing force, providing the mindset that will help you understand the new world, navigate it, and change it.

The URJ cohort will launch this winter with space for 30 students. Cost is $200 per participant; scholarships are available. Please note: While the program details are the same, the URJ cohort dates are not listed on the EdVenture site.

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