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Fear written in red on a wall with a small hole of blue sky and white cloud behind

I’ve recently established a new morning routine. I arrive at the synagogue early – usually before anyone else – to make my rounds circling the perimeter of the building before I park.

Rabbi Gary Mazo
Dictionary open to the definition of antisemitism with a small metal objected engraved with a Star of David holding down the page

In recent months, six waves of bomb threats have targeted a variety of Jewish institutions, includ

Shelby Friedman
Dripping spray paint heart on a concrete wall

As I listen with horror to everything that is happening to Jewish community centers and day schools in North America, I am reminded of the questions North American Jews ask me when they hear about

Israeli flag with land in the background

Earlier this year, I had occasion to speak at a synagogue in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rabbi Stanley Ringler
Stop sign spraypainted with the word HATE

Each November, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) releases its annual report on hate crime statistics, called the

Lizzie Stein
Hand spray painting graffiti onto a cement wall

The front-page headline – “Swastika graffiti stirs fears” – signaled that the wave of post-election hatred and intimidation had reached Ridgefield, our small Connecticut town,

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

The cover of the current issue of TIME magazine depicts the two presidential candidates standing together, smiling congenially, holding a sign saying “THE END IS NEAR.” The same week, we r

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

I grew up in a family without any serious religious affiliation. We were Christian only in the most secular sense, and never attended church.

Wes Hopper


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