Lifecycle Rituals

Reform Judaism features many lifecycle milestones and rituals. Find detailed information on these important elements here.

Birth Rituals

Hebrew letters

Find a Jewish Baby Name

Expecting a baby? Find a name for your child with this useful online tool.

baby hand and adult hand

Find a Mohel

Need a mohel for your baby's upcoming bris or baby naming? Find one near you in this directory provided by the Berit Mila Program of Reform Judaism.

What to Expect at a Baby Naming

Jewish babies are given Hebrew names shortly after they are born. Usually, a brief ceremony is performed, which often includes family members of the new baby.
Mazel tov on your new baby

Send an Ecard

Send new parents a free ecard to wish them "mazel tov" on their happy occasion!



Send an Ecard

Send a free ecard to wish the happy couple a hearty "mazel tov" on their union.

Find a Congregation

Find a welcoming Reform congregation near you.


Death and Mourning

Do Jews Believe in an Afterlife?

What happens when we die? Do we see our loved ones? Do we know them? Do they know us? Jewish wisdom offers no definitive answer, but there is guidance in several core teachings.

Preparing for a Jewish Funeral: A Guide

The death of a loved one is often a painful and confusing time. This guide will assist you in planning the funeral and offer helpful information on the centuries-old Jewish burial practices.

Religious Education