Rabbi Max Chaiken

Rabbi Max Chaiken (they/he) serves Temple Emanuel of Andover, MA. They previously served Congregation Kol Ami in West Hollywood, CA following his ordination from HUC-JIR in 2018. In addition to writing divrei Torah, Rabbi Max loves to cook, ride their bicycle, and spend time with his dogs.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – Even in a Pandemic

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Max Chaiken

Aligned with the rhythm of our earth turning on its axis, our season of returning ( t’shuvah ) continues its turn. We move from the introspection and repentance of Yom Kippur , our Day of Atonement, to the holiday of Sukkot . Our fall festival, also known as z’man simchateinu...

The New Year is a Chance to Realign Our Actions with Our Values

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Max Chaiken

How can we hold ourselves accountable for our actions? How can we follow through with changing our own lives? At this time of year, and in this week in particular, questions like these might weigh heavily on our minds. The Jewish tradition teaches us to engage in t’shuvah during the...

Hear Their Cries: This Year, May We Listen to Those Who Cry Out

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Max Chaiken

Rosh HaShanah – the “head of the year” – celebrates the beginning of a new year and officially starts aseret y’mei t’shvuah, 10 days of return and repentance. It is a time of serious reflection and introspection about our lives (and about life itself); a time to ask for forgiveness for missing the mark in our actions with others, ourselves, and the Divine.

Facing Mortality and Choosing Life

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Max Chaiken

You stand this day, all of you, before the Eternal your God – you tribal heads, you elders, and you officials, all the men of Israel, you children, you women, even the stranger within your camp, from wood chopper to water drawer – to enter into the covenant of the...