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Women of the Wall Rosh Chodesh celebration, March 8, 2019

Tonight as I gather 10 women to recite Birkat HaGomeil (after overcoming danger), I will hold close hundreds of others – with me recently to celebrate the new month.

Israeli flags

Against the Jewish voices preaching ethnocentrism, chauvinism, and racism, we are the voice of Judaism that is committed to religious pluralism and gender equality.

A street scene with Midge Maisel

Midge Maisel’s defining characteristic – and her appeal – is her refusal to let any obstacle, and there are many, phase her. For Midge, there’s always a work-around.

Movie still of an Orthodox Jewish man holding a shovel and standing atop a mound of dirt as if digging a grave

To Dust is Reform Jewish filmmaker Shawn Snyder’s raw, personal love letter to Judaism – and especially to Jewish mourning and interpersonal connection.