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Cantor Evan Kent and Rabbi Don Goor celebrating the sixth anniversary of their aliyah in Jerusalem

Six years ago, my husband and I (and our cat) made aliyah, moving from Los Angeles, where we had lived and worked for 25 years, to begin creating new lives in Jerusalem.

Woman shown from behind, holding a protest sign overhead

As I enter a new phase of life as a retired person, I have a wonderful opportunity to volunteer for causes at the intersection of Judaism and social justice.

Slices of watermelon in green bowls on a wooden table

What's the quintessential summer fruit? If your answer is watermelon, you're not alone. Israel is home to about 100 watermelon growers who sell approximately 100,000 tons of watermelon every year, making it one of the country's most popular...

Silhouette of people carrying luggage through an airport with p;lanes out the window behind them

When you travel abroad, do you try to incorporate Judaism into your visits to other countries? There a myriad ways to experience Jewish life, culture, and, especially, history while traveling outside North America.