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Rabbi Rick Jacobs on stage at the URJ Biennial

Did you ever wonder what happened to the 10 Lost Tribes of ancient Israel? In 721 B.C.E., they disappeared. Poof. Gone. Imagine if we could find them today? Our Jewish community could increase to as many as 85 million worldwide. 

Pile of rugelach

To bake, you need sugar, butter, and flour, a little faith, a lot of hope, and some vision, too. It helps if you’ve also got the Torah of generations that preceded you.

Happy couple holding hands in front of the silhouette of the US Capitol building

I knew I wanted to serve the Reform Jewish community in a professional capacity – but despite encouragement from Reform mentors, I knew the rabbinate wasn’t the right place for me to do so.

Protesters marching; one carrying a sign that says women's rights are human rights

Our endeavors in support of Reproductive Justice and its leaders will help build a world in which all people can shape their sexual and reproductive lives with dignity.