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Red outline of heart shape on butcher paper; in the heart, the paper is torn back to reveal the words Love Yourself

Perhaps the Hebrew month of Av invites us to find a balance between the deep mourning of Tishah B’Av and the hope of finding love embodied in Tu B’Av a few days later?

Closeup of a couple of unidentifiable genders holding hands

Created to commemorate the day that peace was restored between the Jewish tribes, allowing women to marry men from different tribes, many see Tu B’Av as symbolizing the freedom to love without prejudice. 

The author with Israeli poet Adi Keissar

Israeli poet Adi Keissar’s description of the world – the messed-up world – rings true in her own country and in the world at large.

Scene from a rally in Homestead

We must continue to express moral outrage, hold our government accountable, and insist that immigrants belong with their families, out of cages, and in communities.