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Phases of the moon arcing across the sky; full moon in the middle

Although we may think time moves in a linear fashion, Jewish holidays insert themselves in unexpected moments and places, seemingly out-of-sync with our expectations.

Man in shadow atop a mountain, arms outstretched, with sunshine behind him

Being Black and Jewish is inextricably linked to my passion for Torah, Jewish tradition, culture, and ritual, all braided together like the strands of a loaf of challah.

Group of students from Florida wearing MSD Strong shirts

We may never reach a full t’shuvah in our ability to forgive, but we should always strive to make the world better for future generations.​

Restaurant owner talking to the blog post author and another man (Rabbi Aaron Panken, president of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion)

Today, young people tell us their camps, youth movements, and schools buried the story of Israel and the West Bank. What should education on this topic look like?