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The author (holding guitar) and his husband (with shofar) at High Holiday services in Milan

Although my husband, Don, and I have lived in Jerusalem for six years, I can’t tell you much about the High Holidays in Israel because we’ve been spending them in Milan.

Birds flying against a stark white sky as if to represent serenity

I wrote this poem in honor of a dear man, a beloved pillar of my synagogue who died last week, thinking "after the words, after the music, after our very breath - what comes after that we can continue to praise God?"

Concrete building in which members of Kibbutz Mishol live

In a nondescript building in the north of Israel, 150 people are striving to create societal transformation as part of a burgeoning “urban kibbutz” movement.

Jonah Bookman poses with his state senator

I chose to spend the last day of summer before seventh grade participating in the 2019 Sacramento Lobby Day with the California Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism...