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Hand lighting Shabbat candles in silver candleholders next to a challah

Malachi’s parents regale me with what they most enjoy about being Jews: the gift of Shabbat, the beauty of interweaving music, study, and prayer, and the devotion to God through devotion to others.

The author stands behind a wooden podium in front of an AVODAH sign

“As a Jewish woman of Color…” is how I begin most conversations these days.

Because of my intersectional identity, I am in both predominantly Jewish and Black spaces quite often and find myself having to explain my Jewish identity to both...

Two people holding hands over mugs of coffee

Fifteen years ago, I met evil personified: I was on bus #14 in Jerusalem when an 18-year-old terrorist, strapped with explosives, boarded my bus and detonated them.

Woman wearing a blanket and working on a laptop computer while sitting on a couch

My fascination with the story of the Jewish people and my partner’s strong connection to her Jewish identity motivated me to take an online Introduction to Judaism class.