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Thanksgiving dinner table with a closeup of a plate piled high with food

There are lots of ways to infuse your celebration with Jewish meaning – and recipes from Start with a favorite turkey recipe and these dishes will cover the rest.

A white correspondence card with a handwritten Thank you! on it, halfway out of a red envelope

After visiting his transgender son during his first semester away at college, a father writes a loving note, thanking him for being an inspiration.

The author's father, with bowling ball, and his bowling team in Harrisburg, PA

My father became a birthright citizen quite by accident, and without it, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t mean I wouldn’t be in the U.S.; I probably wouldn’t exist at all.

The authors, Karen and Marc Rivo, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Here are seven ways North American Jews can show support and love for Israel – even if they cannot vote in Israeli elections.