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Explore issues surrounding Jewish family life, including topics like parenting, marriage, and interfaith families.

Heller High students celebrate havdallah in Israel

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Discover the Magic of Jewish Summer Camp

Jewish summer camps fuse the activities, friendships, and communal life of traditional camps with the Jewish values, role models and culture our shared heritage. This uniquely immersive experience provides a confidence-building opportunity in which campers experience joy and discovery in a communal Jewish setting.

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Intro to Judaism

Learn the fundamentals of Jewish thought and practice in 16-20 weeks. This course is perfect for interfaith couples, those from different faith backgrounds considering conversion, and Jews looking for an adult-level introduction.

Family Activities

Make Your Own Havdalah Kit

The beautiful ritual of Havdalah is the ceremony marking the end of Shabbat. Learn more about Havdalah rituals then create your own ritual items to observe Havdalah on your own, the perfect activity to enjoy with your family.

3 Fun At-Home Science Experiments from Jewish Summer Camp

At URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, a Reform Jewish summer camp with locations in Byfield, MA, and Thousand Oaks, CA, every summer morning starts with a “Boker Big Bang” – a brief prayer followed by a (contained) explosion. Here are a few of the camp’s favorite experiments.


Helping Today's Kids Grow Into Tomorrow's Adults

One of the hardest parts about being a parent is preparing your children for when they leave home. Watch the video below to see Jordanna Flores, director of year-round programs at URJ Camp Newman, explain how sending your kids to camp can prepare them to be resilient and independent adults.
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Find a Jewish Name for Your Child

Learn the meanings and history of Jewish names to find the right one for your child.


When Jews Divorce: What Do We Tell Our Children?

In consultation with a child development expert and depending on children’s developmental and emotional needs, spouses should agree on how and when they will explain their divorce to their children and how they will relate to their children following the announcement.

The Jewish Way of Divorce

Judaism has always viewed marriage and the rearing of children as essential for personal gratification, the fulfillment of one's communal obligations, and as a religious obligation. Still, Jewish tradition entertained no illusions about the possibility of strife within marriage. Therefore, divorce, while not encouraged, is not deemed sinful or forbidden, but rather a sad, occasionally necessary solution to an unhappy marital relationship.

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