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Each of us has foods we consider Jewish, but in reality, Jewish food varies dramatically with geography, heritage, and the surrounding culture. These differences don't make any of us – or our foods – more or less authentically Jewish, but rather richly diverse and blessed.

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Shabbat Recipes

Chopped Liver

Tina Wasserman
Another by-product of the Shabbat chicken - thank goodness those Eastern European Jews didn’t waste anything!

Sanbat Wat (Ethiopian Shabbat Stew)

Tina Wasserman
Often declared the national dish of Ethiopia, a wat is a stew, and doro wat is a spicy chicken stew eaten with one’s fingers using injera bread to scoop up the morsels of food and gravy and to temper the heat of the seasonings.

Vegan Challah

Lisa Dawn Angerame
Round challah symbolizes the cycle of the year and are traditional for Rosh HaShanah; challot are traditionally braided for Shabbat. Either way, the key to delicious challah is kneading the dough.

Camp Recipes

Camp Recipe: Chef Lori's Shabbat Brownies

The URJ Camp George Team
Like at so many Jewish summer camps, the Shabbat experience is a highlight for campers and staffers alike at URJ Camp George in Ontario, Canada. These chocolaty brownies, created by chef Lori Stevenson, help make Shabbat even sweeter. Now you can enjoy them at home and think of camp, whether you’ve ever experienced Shabbat on Maple Lake or not!