Educational Experiences in Israel

Spend the most thrilling summer of your life travelling across Israel. Learn about alternative solutions to environmental and ecological issues. Earn high school or college credit through learning and living on a kibbutz. Travel to Prague and Poland to see first-hand how Israel has been shaped by Jewish history around the world. Engage in grassroots Jewish-Muslim and Arab-Israeli dialogue to explore conflict resolution. Connect peer-to-peer with Israelis and learn about their lives from the source. And the list goes on…

NFTY in Israel

Ages: Entering grades 10,11, 12
Length: 4, 5 or 6 ½ weeks every summer | Dates vary by program, visit website for exact dates.
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NFTY in Israel summer tours are for current high school students. There are currently three trip options:

NFTY Adventure (4 weeks): A unique and challenging journey through the entire land of Israel. See ancient Jerusalem, celebrate in modern Tel Aviv, travel to the beautiful Galilee and see the stunning Negev Desert. Climb Masada, ride a camel, float in the Dead Sea, and go snorkeling among the Red Sea's coral reefs. Spend a week living with Israeli teens, earn community service hours volunteering in hands-on projects, take part in an archaeological dig, hike and mountain bike from the Sea of Galilee to the Mediterranean, and learn about the Israeli Defence Forces as you live and train on a real army base.

NFTY L'dor V'dor (5 weeks): Begin in Prague, Krakow, and Warsaw to experience the epic journey of the Jewish people from Prague and Poland to Israel. Learn about the rich yet precarious story of the Jewish People's history in Europe and forge a personal connection to the people and history. Then, fly to Israel and embark on the four week NFTY Adventure in Israel (see itinerary highlights above).

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For NFTY-EIE/Heller High, please see the info below.


URJ Isaac and Helayne Heller High School in Israel - (formerly known as NFTY-EIE)

Ages: Entering grades 10, 11, 12
Length: 2 or 4 months | Fall (August-December) | Spring (January-May) | Summer (June-August)
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With over 3,500 alumni since its founding in 1961, URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE) is the most experienced and most trusted high school in Israel program for meaningful Jewish learning, spiritual experiences, personal growth, and academic success. This semester-long program for Reform Jewish high school students in grades 10-12 offers an unparalleled opportunity to spend four months or six and a half weeks in the summer immersed in the richness of the land, culture, people and history of Israel. Full high school credit is available in spring, fall, and summer semesters.


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Netzer Year

Ages: High school graduates who have not yet begun university
Length: Ten months | October-June
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Netzer Year is an exciting gap year in Israel for recent high school grads in which participants live on a kibbutz, take part in hands-on volunteering in Israeli communities, travel extensively throughout the country, study in Jerusalem, interact with Israelis, and more. The program involves intensive leadership training, Hebrew and Jewish immersion studies, service-learning, and communal living.

Throughout the program, participants live, volunteer and learn alongside young Reform Jews from around the world. During the first month of the program, participants live on a kibbutz with the entire group, taking part in Hebrew studies, volunteering, touring, and experiential programs. After this, participants choose between volunteering in a community in northern Israel, or living and working on a Reform kibbutz in the Arava region. During the third section of the program, participants live in Jerusalem, choosing between one of two experiential education programs to learn about Israel, leadership, Judaism, and Zionism in a diverse community of young leaders.

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Practical Ecology at Kibbutz Lotan

Green Apprenticeship at Kibbutz Lotan
Length: 4 weeks | Additional shorter programs, visit website for exact dates.
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The Green Apprenticeship is an intensive 4 week course in Permaculture design with hands-on, practical work in organic agriculture, natural building with earth & straw, and sustainable technologies that you can build yourself. Permaculture is an ethical and holistic design tool for radically efficient engineering of human settlements and caring for the environment. Join an international cohort who come to Lotan to live and have fun in the strawbale domes, grow healthy food, sculpt buildings and filled their Tikkun Olam toolbox with valuable techniques.