A Prayer for the Anniversary of September 11th

Eternal God, Source and Creator of Life; From the depths we have called to You and we call to You again for courage, strength, and wisdom on this anniversary of our nation's tragedy.

Grant us courage to confront our enemies. Comfort those who stand alone without spouse, parent, brother, sister, or friend. Open our hearts to them and to the children orphaned eleven years ago today. Enable us to love more deeply all children who suffer. Accept with mercy our prayers of healing on behalf of the families of the victims and on behalf of the second responders who became ill at Ground Zero.

Despite the horror and tragedy of 9/11, our country remains a shelter of peace, a symbol of freedom a beacon light of compassion and justice to the downtrodden and oppressed of the world.

Strengthen the hands of our people to defend this country and our common values of freedom and justice. Inspire our leaders and diplomats to act wisely and to pursue peace everywhere in the world.

May we teach our children to learn and to think, to consider and to reason; to be courageous in thought and in deed and nurture hearts of wisdom that they may do battle against fear, hatred, and bigotry using weapons of the spirit and loving hearts.

We offer our prayers on behalf of our country and government, our president and judiciary, our officials and institutions, our soldiers and citizens, upon all who faithfully toil for the good of our country, to preserve democracy in our land, to advocate for civility between adversaries, and to treat every human being as infinitely worthy and dignified by virtue of being created b'tzelem Elohim, in the Divine image.

Bestow upon us all the blessings of peace, and may we live to see the day when swords will be converted into ploughshares and nations will not learn war anymore. Amen!