Passover Blessings for Home Observance

These are the most common blessings for the celebration of Passover at home.

The Night Before Passover

Blessing for Searching for and Removing Leaven

The Night of Passover

Lighting the candles, blessing children, sanctifying the day over wine or grape juice, and eating matzahmatzahמַצָּהUnleavened bread eaten during the seder that symbolizes the hurried departure of the Israelites from Egypt. Eating matzah is obligatory only at the seder. During the rest of Pesach, one may abstain from matzah as long as all chametz is avoided; plural: matzot  are the rituals by which we mark the start of the holiday.

Blessing Upon Lighting the Candles

Blessing for Children

KiddushKiddushקִדּוּשׁ"Sanctification;" blessing recited or chanted over wine (or grape juice), emphasizing the holiness of Shabbat and festivals. , sanctification of the holiday over wine or grape juice, varies depending on the day of the week:

During Passover

Blessing over Matzah

Passover in Community

The observance and celebration of Passover is greatly enhanced in the presence of a community. Find a community Passover seder or event near you.