How is this Passover Different From all Other Passovers?


At Passover Seders each year, family and friends gather to tell the ancient Jewish story of freedom and liberation, to ask questions inspired by our tradition, and to express hope for a world of greater wholeness and peace. As we gather for Passover, we pray for the return of those held hostage, and our hearts break for all those who suffer. The October 7th attacks and the subsequent war in Gaza have created a rupture in our Jewish communities as people struggle in their relationships with those who hold differing viewpoints. Many of us may worry that the conversations around our tables this year will be fraught, or even impossible. But now, more than ever, it is critical to ask questions and to listen to one another.

Download our seder supplement with four questions to help all who gather to engage with open hearts and open minds. 

Learn more about the Union for Reform Judaism initiative Talk for A Change, aimed at fostering communities where people can have open conversations, even around difficult topics.