Passover Videos

Video: What Goes on the Seder Plate?

Learn about the parts of the Passover seder plate.

Video: Dog vs Afikoman

Kids aren't the only ones who love the Passover tradition of hunting for the afikomanafikomanאֲפִיקוֹמָן"Dessert" (Greek); matzah is the official "dessert" of the Passover seder meal. During the seder, the children traditionally "steal"and hide the afikoman, and it must be redeemed by the seder leader. ! Can this sweet pup find what she's looking for?

Video: Five Easy Passover-Friendly Lunches Made Using 18 Ingredients

Keeping the Passover restrictions and don't know what to make for lunch? Try these ideas!

Video: Four Cocktails to Enjoy for Passover

At the Passover seder we drink four glasses of wine, but what about the rest of the holiday? Our friends from and the Gefilteria show us how to make four delicious cocktails for Passover (and with the exception of the martini, any of these are delicious with or without the alcohol). 


Video: How to Make Geshmirta Matzah

Tina Wasserman demonstrates how to make geshmirta matzah for Passover.

Video: How to Make Matzah Balls

Jewish cooking expert Tina Wasserman demonstrates how to make matzah balls for Passover.

Follow the recipe

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