Pressed Flowers Platter

Used pressed flowers to make a centerpiece for your Shavuot table

Holds dry foods and makes a pretty candy dish.


  • 2 clear plastic plates (or bowls)
  • pressed flowers (directions below)
  • white glue
  • paint brush


  1. Go flower picking. Look for small flowers, and collect an assortment of shapes and colors. Be sure to pick more than you need in case some don't press as well as others.
  2. Place flowers in between two pieces of plain paper, then place in the middle of a heavy hardcover book. Stack more books on top for better results.
  3. After a day or two, check on the flowers to make sure they have flattened. Carefully remove flowers (use a pair of tweezers if they get stuck to the paper).
  4. Arrange pressed flowers on one of the plastic plates. Apply glue along the rim of the plate, then carefully place the second plate on top. Let dry.

Note: For an elegant look, arrange the flowers between two glass plates. No glue necessary.