Simchat Torah Activities for Kids

Visit the synagogue sanctuary to look at the ark and the Torah Scrolls.

Ask a rabbi or other authorized person to take a Torah TorahתּוֹרָהLiterally “instruction” or “teaching.” The first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy); the handwritten scroll that contains the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. Also called the Pentateuch and The Five Books of Moses. “Torah” is also used to refer to the entire body of Jewish religious teachings and insight.  from the ark and show it to you. If you do not have a real Torah available to you use a miniature one that has Hebrew writing. Look at the beautiful cover on the Torah. It is called a mantle. It is there to protect the Torah scroll. See how the Torah is rolled up. Look at how the letters are written in a special way called calligraphy. We use a yadyadיָדLiterally, “hand.”  The pointer, often a hand with the index finger extended, used by the Torah reader to keep one’s place in the scroll and to avoid touching the ink on the scroll. , which looks like a hand to point to the words when we read the Torah.

Make flags to use for marching around with the Torah.

An easy method is to use foam sheets and self sticking foam shapes (now available at dollar stores) for the flag and attach them to wooden dowels with heavy tape

Make a wearable mantle (Torah cover).

Using an on old bed pillow cover for each child, cut a hole for the head in the end opposite the opening and two arm holes near the top of each side. Let each child use a variety of materials to decorate their mantle. Wear them to march with the Torahs.