Sukkot Decorations to Make with Young Children

Free-form Foil Fruit

Materials: newspaper, aluminum foil, masking tape, tempera paints, brushes, string for hanging


  1. Crumple newspaper into a fist sized ball.
  2. Mold sheets of foil around it to make different fruit shapes.
  3. Paint with tempera paint. The foil will show through, giving the fruit a shiny effect.
  4. When paint is dry, use sharp instrument to make a hole through the top and put a string through the hole for hanging in the sukkah.

Glittery Craft Dough Star

Materials: craft dough, glitter, string


  1. Use your favorite craft dough recipe to make stars using cookie cutters, or cut two triangles from the dough and place on top of the other upside down to form a Star of David.
  2. While the dough is still damp, sprinkle on glitter and make a hole in the top to thread string through for hanging.

Links of Love

Materials: construction paper, stapler


  1. Make standard paper chains to decorate the sukkah.
  2. Have children decorate their links with self-drawn pictures of people they love.