Welcome to our Sukkah Sign

Activity for Ages 4 - 10

A family photo, some decorations, and a few words are all it takes to welcome friends and family to your sukkah. It's the personal touch that make this craft so adorable!


Strong Background Material - wooden board or strong canvas board
Paint - color of your choice
Photo of your family
Fall-themed decorations (acorns, colorful wheat, leaves)
Glitter pen


1. Paint the board a rich fall color (e.g., green, orange, rust).
2. Wait for paint to dry.
3. Glue on a family photo along with your decorative element.
4. Using the glitter pen, add a "Welcome to our Sukkah" or a message of your choice to the board.
5. Display at the entrance to your Sukkah.

Source: ChallahCrumbs.com: Bringing Judaism Home