Tu BiShvat Videos

Video: Seven Species Food Art

Celebrate Tu BiShvat and learn about the Seven Species by creating food art. Use it for your Tu BiShvat seder!

Tu BiShvat Tale: Honi Comes Full Circle for the Jewish Birthday of the Trees

Tu BiShvat or the "New Year of the Trees" is a Jewish holiday similar to Arbor Day, observed each year on the 15th of Shvat. Learn more with this video and other with BimBam.

What is Tu BiShvat? The Jewish Tree Holiday

Tu BiShvat is a joyous Jewish holiday that celebrates trees and nature. It brings us back to our roots, literally. Learn how to celebrate this nature-loving holiday with naturalist and former park ranger Deborah Newbrun. What will you do to celebrate the birthday of the trees? Learn more with this video and other from BimBam.

Israeli Tu B'shvat Song for Kids: How Do They Grow?

Learn to sing a sweet song in Hebrew with Inbal and Yair, who we visited in Jerusalem! The lyrics are by Datia Ben-Dor and here they are in Hebrew and English. Perfect for Tu B'shvat and all year. Enjoy this video and more with Shaboom!

A Kid's Guide to the Tu BiShvat Seder!

Celebrate Tu Bishvat by hosting or attending a seder. When we typically think of a seder, we think Passover and matzo ball soup. But actually, seder is just a Jewish term to describe a special meal that commemorates a certain holiday or story. The Tu Bishvat seder celebrates trees and its fruit. Enjoy this video and more with Shaboom!

How Old Are Redwood Trees?

Have you ever looked up at a redwood tree and wondered how old it is? Tu Bishvat is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the birthday of the trees. But exactly how many candles do we put on a birthday cake for a tree when we don't know how old it is? Enjoy this video and others with Shaboom!