Torah Commentary

Torah Commentary

The Controversial Leadership of Heroes

In this week’s parashah, we find the newly freed Israelites on their way out of Egypt. This parashah shows the beginnings of a communal dynamic. These people are unafraid to challenge their leaders and demand evidence that the path they are taking will lead them to a better place.

How Change Becomes Possible

In this week's portion, Vayechi, there is still a current of mistrust among Joseph and his brothers. The brothers appear before Joseph and beg for their lives, offering to become Joseph's slaves.

Seeking Forgiveness

Over the past two and a half years, the Reform Movement has been engaged in a process of reconciliation following revelations of abuse. I am one of the people who was harmed. I have gained strength over these years from reading this week's portion, Vayigash, as it teaches that reconciliation is always possible.

Learning to Speak Up

In this week's portion, Mikeitz, Joseph's life takes a turn for the better: not only do his external circumstances improve, he also starts to speak up for himself and begins to heal emotionally from the abuse he has experienced.