Shofar Activities

Try these fun activities to familiarize children with the sounds of the shofar in the lead-up to Rosh HaShanah.

Kazoos as Shofars

Use kazoos to learn and make the different blasts of the shofar:

  • Tekiah - one long blast _____________
  • Shevarim - three medium blasts ____    ____      ____
  • Teruah - nine short blasts __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __
  • Tekiah Gedolah - a final very long blast, as long as you can hold your breath!

Play the Tekiah-Shevarim-Teruah movement game:

To enforce the sounds of the shofar, have everyone stand in a row in an open area with plenty of space to move forward. Have one person call out the names of the shofar blasts. Each name should correspond with the size of steps to take: Tekiah, one long step; Shevarim, three regular steps; Teruah, nine baby steps and Tekiah Gedolah, a big giant step. Keep calling out the blast names until all have reached a finish line. You can also use a real shofar or kazoo to make the sounds.