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I didn't come to Temple Beth El expecting to convert, but it happened anyway.

Treating others in our communities with audacious hospitality is equally important to both Jews and those interested in becoming Jews. If someone you know is taking the leap to embrace a Jewish life, they will need genuine love and support. 

Recent attempts by Haredi parties to solidify their monopoly over conversions and to be the sole determiners of Jewish identity are part of a long and complicated history of conversion law in Israel. Read about the major developments here.

Exploring the Journey Towards a New Religious Identity

Learn to recognize the shapes and sounds of the Hebrew alphabet and become comfortable sounding out some of the key recurring words and phrases in the Hebrew blessings for Shabbat and holidays. This course assumes no prior Hebrew experience.

Explore the classes offered by Reform Jewish Outreach Boston for interfaith couples and curious individuals.

How I - a sheltered religious skeptic - found my way to Judaism.

So yes, it does happen that people convert for reasons other than to marry a Jew. Out of all the Jews I know personally who converted or are in the process of doing so, I don't think any converted only because they were engaged to someone Jewish.

I was raised in a rural Catholic family of the 1950’s. My home parish was in the orchard-rich east bay town of Mission San Jose (now part of Fremont) and was one of the original California missions. I was taught by the nuns from age five. When high school came along I commuted by bus 90 minutes each way to San Jose to be taught by the Jesuits at Bellarmine.

"Honor thy mother and thy father." It is a lesson we learn as children that sticks with us through adulthood. That is one reason why it can be so difficult to tell your parents that the man or woman you have fallen in love with and want to marry is of a different religious faith. It can feel as if you are dishonoring everything your parents instilled in you during childhood, a difficult feeling to deal with.


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