Mindy Leaf

Mindy Leaf, originally from New York City and currently based in Fort Lauderdale, has worked as a professional writer and editor for more than 30 years. Her byline has appeared both in national and international magazines, including Fine Dining, Omni, Showboats International, Power & Motoryacht, Yachting, Jewish Monthly, and various literary publications. She is the author of The Working Mom's Handbook and the children's book Things That Count! and served as series editor for Commuter Press. Most recently, she's worked as a restaurant critic for Florida's MyCity magazine network and is senior staff writer at Artblend, an international fine-art quarterly. Follow Mindy's weekly essays of biting social commentary and life advice.





Yiddish, English, and the Languages of Our Lives

Mindy Leaf
April 28, 2015

I found myself looking over a list of words from my husband's first Yiddish class with growing unease. Rather than standard language lessons, the class featured more of a story-and-culture format, with sprinklings of Yiddishisms thrown in.

An Atheist’s Continued Shabbat Traditions

Mindy Leaf
March 9, 2015

Someone new recently joined my weekly atheist meet-up group, so the subject came up again: What was your former religion? When and why did you stop believing?

Many of our members reminisced fondly, even wistfully, when it came to favorite religious...