Rabbi Jen Gubitz

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Rabbi Jen Gubitz (she/her) serves as Director of Jewish Engagement at Temple Shalom of Newton and is the founder of Modern JewISH Couples. She is the co-host of the OMfG Podcast: Jewish Wisdom for Unprecedented Times and recently completed an intensive certificate in Family Therapy through Therapy Training Boston.   She is a proud product of Indiana University's Borns Jewish Studies Program and URJ Goldman Union Camp (GUCI), a Reform Jewish summer camp in Zionsville, IN. Her writing appears in the Boston Globe, Romper, and Lilith Magazine. Visit her website to learn more.

One of the Greatest Love Stories of My Life

Rabbi Jen Gubitz
On this Tu B’Av, may we all seek out those people who are on our team through despair and delight, who can forgive and seek forgiveness, who see us for who we truly are and support us on the journey to becoming whoever we will someday be. And if your Valentine’s Day candy stash has run out, send those you love a note of sweetness and gratitude instead. Happy Tu B’Av!

Becoming BMitzvah

Rabbi Jen Gubitz
I love seeing how our students at Temple Shalom of Newton transform throughout the process of becoming BMitzvah. It's the end of my first year coordinating the BMitzvah program and my colleague Allison Lobron, an experienced leader in inclusion and social emotional learning, and I are hosting an end of year celebration for our BMitzvah students.

Self-Awareness Sets Us Free

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Jen Gubitz

“I’ve never been good with words,” he said. “I wouldn't know what to say. I wouldn’t know how to say it. I wouldn’t even know who to say it to - I’ve just never been good with words.” The anxiety swelled up in Moses’ chest. Who am I to be...

Vaccinate Us: A Prayer for Healing from Hate

Rabbi Jen Gubitz
As our world suffers, sickened by this virus - we pray: Inoculate our hearts with fortitude to dismantle systemic racism Inject our souls with compassion to love and then to love harder Mitigate our structures of power against abuse, exploitation, and violence. Protect our siblings, among us and beyond, beloved...